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Musicus 2009

by David L. Cooper

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Torpedo B 02:08
You called me complaining. I heard you out. You stall me. You're draining. Your words of doubt. But it's only a matter of time before you show me the bottom line. Give me one good reason why I should care. I'm freezin all season while you're nowhere. And it's only a matter of time before you throw me a vertical line because I earn my share fair and square. The ticking, the talking... The time for talk has come and gone. It's sickening. It's exhausting. Exactly who's side are you on? It doesn't matter what you say. The wait is over either way. And it's only a matter of time before you show me the bottom line.
Lacrimosa 02:09
Oh Lacrimosa, give me a signal from a stronger radio.
I'm feeling null and void. My heart is unemployed. And everybody knows I was fired. And everybody says I've expired. I'm just too tired to do half of what's required. Who would redeem me now? (He's null and void. He's null and void.) My stock is going down. (He's null and void.) Cause everybody read my report. (He's null and void. He's null and void.) And everybody said "Sell him short." (He's null and void.) I'm too damn tired to do most of what's required. (He's null and void. He's null and void.) I'm null and void.
Barack 01:26
Domino Beach 01:55
When Sonnie met Lee she knew that he was the one with the key to her heart. When Lee met Sonnie his head felt fonny like he wanted to start right in calling her "Honey." I bet he felt like "Woo woo woo woo WOW! Holy cow! What the hell do I do now?" When Sonnie met Lee my family tree grew the limb that led to me. So I am lucky as can be that Lee met Sonnie and Sonnie met Lee. Sonnie met Lee. Sonnie met Lee.


released January 1, 2010

All songs by David L. Cooper (© 2009)
All performances by David L. Cooper except:
3 contains a sample from Mozart’s Requiem
4 backing vocals and percussion by Elisabeth Wedding




Dropsy Oakland, California

Dropsy has many musical tendrils, emanating from the vicinity of a funky lounge, sometimes snaking into dark caverns. The band sounds friendly enough, but displays its canines at unexpected moments. Cooper's droll lyrics brim with invective, taunts, boasts, disturbing delusions and bad advice. But he seems to be singing on our behalf, to a mutual enemy, in a bar on a tropical island. ... more

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